Rickey Smiley Commits $50,000 To AIC Girls School In Kenya (Video)


The main host of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show released a video where he pledged $50,000 to a girls’ school in Kenya.

Pastor Walter Solomon of Bethel Missionary Baptist, Anniston, AL, put out a video from a girls’ school in Kenya. Rickey Smiley had been raising money and supporting the school for years and said he was moved when he saw the video.

AIC Girls School in Nairobi, Kenya rescues girls from abuse, early marriage, and other cultural practices. Two of the young girls (Barbara and Bridgette) who were saved received a year’s worth of tuition and a pledge for the rest of their tuition until they got to high school coming from donations from the Rickey Smiley Foundation, one of the supporters of the school.

Rickey’s foundation started by getting the school a gardener to help grow food for the girls. The next step was to get running water to the school and then get enough desks for the girls at the school. Rickey says the next step is to provide access to the internet to the school and laptops to help further their education. Pastor Solomon also got each of the girls a new pair of shoes.

Rickey said it means a lot that he can have a life-changing effect on the lives of people he has never met, and expressed his happiness in helping the girls all the way over in Kenya.

Rickey had his name written on a cornerstone in the school. Rickey expressed his happiness, saying that even if God took him, he has lived a good life.

Rickey encouraged people to donate and contact Pastor Solomon on his Facebook page to help support the school.

Rickey said he is pledging $50,000 in 2023 and he will book 2 extra weekends to do his show if that is what it takes to raise the money.

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