Lund Releases New Single “Downhill” Today


Southern California singer, producer, and multi instrumentalist Lund releases a new single entitled “Downhill” today.

On the track, which premiered with Ones To Watch, airy guitar tightly curls around a glitchy beat. Hovering over the luminously layered production, his raw vocals resound. The mood culminates with a moment of unrestrained longing as he admits, “I guess it’s all downhill from here, cuz every word I speak girl you don’t hear.”

On the track Lund said: “One of my favorite quotes is ‘Love is giving someone the power to destroy you but trusting them not to’ by E. Lockhart. I wrote downhill from the perspective of someone in a one-sided relationship and the thoughts and feelings they go thru trying to keep it from falling apart.”

The track arrives on the heels of “Red Tide” last month. His first label release for Republic Records has already garnered 254K Spotify streams and counting.

Both songs pave the way for the arrival of his debut Project Of A Person EP—coming October 30, 2020. Once again, the EP highlights his magnetic melodies, entrancing sonic alchemy, and nuanced lyricism, showcasing the scope of his talents.

On the soon to be released EP Lund noted: “Perfection doesn’t exist, we are all projects. Puzzles with missing pieces we are forever searching for. Not because we aren’t capable of being whole with who we are but because we can always be a better version of ourselves. I have put so much of me into this body of work and I’m beyond ready to share it with you. �dda4�dde9 ”

This summer, Lund, who has garnered over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify on his own prior to being signed, dropped off the official remix of “Broken” feat. Lil Skies and Noah Cyrus. It’s already generated 3.2 million worldwide streams and counting in addition to receiving acclaim. HotNewHipHop observed, “the added presence of Lil Skies and Noah Cyrus do imbue the track with an additional dose of character.”

This update continued an unbelievable underdog story for the song and its creator. Crafted and released D.I.Y. by Lund, the original “Broken” has already gathered over 600 million global streams to date. It also cemented him as a much mused-about musical force as a prolific string of releases followed until he signed to Republic records of this year.

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