DL Hughley Says Unveiling Barack and Michelle Obama’s Presidential Portraits Brings Back a Peaceful Tradition in America (VIDEO)


    DL Hughley said unveiling Barak and Michelle Obama’s presidential portrait brings back a peaceful tradition in America. Recently the portrait of the Obamas was revealed in the White House. It was a tradition that took five or six years to happen because Donald Trump skipped the tradition, said DL Hughley. It was a tradition started by former president Jimmy Carter when he had former President Ford and his wife unveil their portraits in the White House. The unveiling was a symbol of a peaceful transfer of power.

    Hughley said that Trump’s former advisor had turned himself into court, and he is being indicted on fraud and various charges. Trump’s campaign was also served with a subpoena to explain why they raised so much money off the lie that the election was stolen.

    No matter if a person likes Obama or not, there are some things about his presidency that was undeniable, argued Hughley. He loved his job and worked hard, and the most embarrassing thing he did was wear a tan suit.

    Hughley said the American idea of democracy was destroyed under negative leadership. “When you lead a seditious army against your own government… not only endanger our assets, not only endanger the American people but even our allies, it is a different thing,” said Hughley.

    Since the unveiling of the Obama portrait, the radio show host said he has memories of a more peaceful time when a president acted like a president. Democracy can only work when there are people who respect tradition. It was “nice” to have the tradition of unveiling presidential portraits return to the White House, informed Hughley.

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