Roland Martin Scheduled for Wendy Williams’ Show to Address HBCU Controversy


r-ROLAND-MARTIN-large570Damage Control Time: Radio Facts has been informed that daytime gossip queen Wendy Williams has invited Roland Martin on her show this week to address the HBCU statements she made that incited anger and resentment online from African Americans. Martin was very vocal in his displeasure with Williams’ statements by stating in a video segment directed at her “Shut the Hell Up and Read a Book!”Williams has attempted to clear the air on her own by saying that people misunderstood her statement and that “I am a proud black woman” but the damage had been done and there was no apology or clear explanation as to why she said it. Williams has allegedly lost a huge Chevrolet sponsorship that was initiated for her show by a woman who attended Howard University (an HBCU). Martin will appear on the show this Thursday. As much as we respect Wendy, it seemed evident to her that she needed to think twice about the segment as she expressed the need to choose her words wisely.  We’ll keep you posted on how this story develops.  


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