The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Woman Whose Boyfriend Talks Too Much, Even During Sex (video)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a woman whose boyfriend talks too much, even during sex. The woman said her hubby is a contributor to the local news; he is also an auctioneer at an auto auction, informed Shirley Strawberry. The woman said her beau earns his paychecks by talking. Whenever they are out in public, the man likes to talk to people, and the woman said she finds herself nudging him to leave people alone. The man even talks during church, explained Strawberry.  

    The woman said the problem worsens when she goes to the restroom. Even though the couple has been dating for two years, the woman said it is still uncomfortable. The man talks even when they are having sex. The woman wanted to know if the man's talking was a character flaw or if she should tell him to “STHU.”

    Strawberry said she was surprised that the woman had allowed the problem to go on for as long as it had. The morning show host said she does not think the problem is difficult to fix. Telling the man to “shut up” will not fix the situation and will only cause more problems, such as hurting her boyfriend's feelings, or he might become “indignant” with the woman. Some people like to talk and become uncomfortable with silence, said Strawberry.

    The man needs boundaries because, for two years, the woman let him talk without setting limits, said Strawberry. “For two years, you let him talk and talk, and now your sick of it, so you have to say something,” she added. The problem is that the man talks too much, and the woman is not saying anything about the issue to him, informed Strawberry.

    Steve Harvey said that the woman should break up with the man. “Because once I get in this bathroom and hang my clothes up on that hook on that back door, you can't talk to me….” Harvey said the only way for the woman to deal with the man was to start to answer some of his questions directly because ignoring him does not work.

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