Digital and Radio Facts: Be careful what you ask for… Steve Harvey, proves that it's the “acknowledgement” of wrongdoing that frees the soul because forgiveness is overrated BS. To TRULY be free you have to confront your pain or discomfort at its source. Harvey has admitted that he was deeply bothered by the events that took place while he hosted the Miss Universe pageant and that he has had sleepless nights and death threats. It was his ego that was crushed. All that he has built was now in question with that one event and this young girl held his fate in her hands and he HAD to resolve it in order to move on.Miss Colombia refused to take his calls and Steve admitted he was still being bothered by it. Without question her reps told her it would be a good idea for her to appear and to talk to him when she refused to return his phone calls and nobody knows what kind of deal was made in order to secure her but the sky is the limit if she's smart enough to take advantage of the situation and Steve's resources. Here he confronts Miss Colombia and asks her what she thought of the way he responded. There's the ego again, it makes everything about US. Perhaps a better question would be the more honest one, “How did you feel when it happened?” She responds “You need to learn to Read” Steve was obviously upset by her response but what could he say? The entire interview airs on The steve harvey Show tomorrow (Tues) Enjoy.[flowplayer id=”169755″]



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