When D.L. Hughley Made Trending Video about Steve Harvey’s Trump Visit

Radiofacts: Originally posted Jan 14, 2017 – While Steve Harvey and D.L. Hughley may have worked together as Kings of Comedy, they have also both ended up with nationally syndicated radio shows but their paths are very different. Some people may not realize that DL got his start at KJLH in Los Angeles in the early 90s and he’s not only politically savvy he’s an intellectual who was always deserving a greater platform than one radio station.

I have to commend DL on using radio for more than comedy but using it as an additional much-needed platform as an advocate for the black community. DL takes urban radio back to the black radio days when the airwaves were the saving grace and the alarm clock for the black community but he has managed to update the concept by still making it entertaining.

Harvey has to also be commended for his outreach and advocacy for young black men at risk with his mentoring programs.

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Here, Hughley addresses the visit Harvey recently made to Donald Trump.


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  1. I hate that we can’t at least agree on what we have in common and that is SO much that we can all do for the issues Tavis finds so troubling instead of making up stuff over which to publicly denigrate each other. I’m thinking that Tavis, in his so-called journey toward truth believes the best way to find it is to declare everyone else as a liar. Just read an article in Newsweek in which he lambasted Quenton Tarrantino regarding his interpretation of slavery in D’Jango. Wow, really? Hey Tavis! Here’s an idea! Why not try to broker a deal with Hollywood heavy hitters to fund that ‘historical tableau’ you have identified as missing in our entertainment media??? DO THAT INSTEAD. Maybe then your legacy will be secure in your mind and perhaps in ours as well. Peace to all.

  2. Why all the fuss Tom, The African American People of the USA Are Not Talked About Much Anyway. Hispanics Are The New Kids On The Block. Stop This Mud Slinging And Help Fight This Poverty, Murder, and Joblessness. The Klan Are Loving This. Blacks Against Blacks. Every Man, Women, and Child Should Be Accountable. Why Not Make Our President Unaccountable For His Actions. His Cabinet is 98.9 % White. He Will Be a Lame Duck In Only 2 Years. Stop Spreading This BULL [email protected]…. Tavis is a Black Make Just Like You………Wall Street Boys Love To Keep Black Folk Distracted. I Stop Listening To Tom & Steve A Long Time Ago.Please Stop This End Fighting!

  3. Two questions: What does any of what Tyrese said have to do with Oprah and Obama–whom I think both do more for humanity than we might know–and what are YOU doing, Tyrese? You don’t have to be from Chicago to contribute. What are you doing about the situation in the city in which YOU live. It’s easy to blow into town to promote a book, speak a few noble morsels and be gone. I know a wayyou can help–how about less songs the objectify young woman? How about telling some of your fellow entertainers to bring it down on the booty music and all the songs about “Da Club” that these kids embrace as the truth? How about less pointing of the finger and more doing on YOUR part? Black folk still in search of someone to LEAD them. Look in the mirror and do for SELF. We LIVE in these communities; we can’t do something about WHERE WE LIVE?

  4. I agree, I support President Barack Obama and I like Oprah Winfrey but I really believe more needs to be done The blood of Black Children runs through the streets of our urban cities. My heart goes out to the victims of Sandy Hook, my heart goes out to Congresswoman Gabby Gifford, my heart goes out to the Aurora Theater murders but black kids have been dying everyday in our cities and no one has been jumping up and down. Sometimes I think that white life is valued more than black life. I have been doing videos and speaking out on my Youtube Channel for four years about gun control and how we must ban the NRA to begin the process of stopping Gun Violence in America. My channel is “Urbansuperhero” I record a DangerMan Moment everyday. Our babies are dying we must do something now!!!

  5. How come with this President, people are afraid to say, “what they need to say?” If this President was really concerned about innocent children being gunned down in the streets of Chicago or anywhere he would have done something about it long time ago. And don’t give me he’s got other things more pressing, really??? Children shot up in a classroom got his attention real quick and he still had those pressing problems he needed to take care of. Those killed in Chicago on the streets are still human beings that should deserve the same attention as those killled in a an area where you hear people say, “I can’t believe this happened in our neighborhood!”

  6. We keep waiting for someone to come and help us. We have to start with helping ourselves with small steps. What can a President or Oprah due to stop the violence in Chicago streets? I am listening. Parents and community is where they learn and grown; and they show you want they know.

  7. Please – you ” I Want Attention Actors ” need a Script that reads, You have not done your Political Homework, and that the words on your page does not describe your ability to get the Part – Please, research before you Open your feeble mouth to Call Time on the President or the Oprah… Where was your big mouth, when the White Presidents had the Seat??? Have Respect, You are not receiving any White House Memo’s at Alll…. Call Out the PARENTS!!!!!! The World Nor the President Obama, is not the low-life, non-raised trash that kill, kill and then go home to the theses people called Mother and Father… Call On Them Tyrese.;; You No Nothing; Write and Talk on what you know, UpFront & Personal.

  8. Just a major correction: The title of the song is: YOUR PRESENCE IS HEAVEN not your presence IN heaven…..that is incorrect.thanks,Otherwise y’all are doing a great job!

  9. Tyrese is right, they should be doing more. The military should have been on the streets in Chicago regardless of what these parents say. I heard that parents did not want the military there. Get your kids in order then! I don’t live far from the city and afraid to go in fear of a stray bullet but I have placed my trust in God that he will shield me and my family from this wickedness. Obama didn’t have a problem stepping up and speaking for 20 million illegals in this country while black children are being killed by the hour almost. Oprah is busy doing other stuff in other countries, how about right in your backyard? I say continue to put the pressure on these so called black leaders and hold them accountable. Black people paved the way with the help of God, so that they could be where they are so never let them forget.

  10. Sometimes in life we are given opportunity to right a wrong. Whatever her reason she felt she needed to make that statement, I believe people can change. Should “we” allow this opportunity for her? Absolutely!Only time and God can judge her.