Chappelle Show Co-Creator Neal Brennan Wants White People to Shut Up and Pay Up

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We all know how amazing the Dave Chappelle show was and how it brought racial issues to the forefront. In his own words, Neal Brennan said, “Dave gave me in a career” when he honored him in Washington D.C. when Chappelle received the Mark Twain Prize. We all know the success of the show and how these two collaborated to bring about one of the funniest yet poignant shows of all time. With the civil unrest and protest going on in the United States and beyond, over the murder of George Floyd and many other unarmed black men and women, Neal Brennan has had enough of his “woke” white colleagues in the industry posting about the issue and not doing enough about racial injustice and inequality. His message is the Instagram post is very clear when he says there are a bunch of white people posting sh*t and he knows they don’t really f*ck with black people. In so many words, his message for them is to shut up and use their influence to make a change.



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