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The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Woman Having an Affair with Her Marijuana-Smoking Pastor (VIDEO)

The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a woman cheating on her husband with the pastor of her church. The pastor was new to the city, and the 46-year-old woman said she was chosen to show the pastor around and help him get acclimated, explained Shirley Strawberry. The pastor’s family did not make a move with him. His wife and two children stayed behind while his oldest daughter finished high school.

The pastor let his guard down around his new tour guide and revealed to the woman that when he is around his frat brothers, he uses profanity and smokes weed, said Strawberry. The pastor was called a false prophet, by the woman’s husband after he came to the woman’s house for dinner a couple of times. The husband did not like the pastor’s ways, but the wife said she did not care because she had already fallen for him.

The wife said she has a great intimate relationship with the pastor. However, the problem is that he is over-affectionate with her and sees the married woman as his property, said Strawberry. The woman said the pastor touches her openly out in public on her waist, shoulder, or even breast, informed Strawberry. The final straw came when the spiritual leader planted an affectionate kiss on the woman while they were out together.

Strawberry said the bigger picture is why a woman would carry on that way in public. Strawberry could not understand how the woman could only be upset about the public shows of affection from the pastor. The morning show host felt the woman should be concerned that she was cheating on her husband.

Steve Harvey said the woman should not have been chosen to show the pastor around town in the first place because she was married. The radio DJ said he would never let his wife show another man around town. Harvey said the woman’s husband was right to call the pastor a false prophet because “men know men.”

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