KEVIN’S SUMMARY: Marvell Scott, Performance Tax, Tavis Smiley and more


You know, I just don’t believe the whole Marvell Scott story. Something is just not right. I was not there but It would seem that Marvell would have had to have been on crack to pick up a couple of under aged prostitutes from a PIMP in a public place, take them back to his place and do what they claim he did.

If what Marvell says is true about the girls being outside his apartment/condo in New York and his intention was to “help” the girl who was in some kind of agony he should have assisted her on the street and called 911. Marvell’s GREATEST mistake was to invite total strangers into his house while he was alone. That just looks suspicious and that’s the thing that makes the story not work in his favor.

I was unaware that this happened a year ago. I once worked with Tavis Smiley in LA at KKBT. He was distant but cordial and very focused.

He was a living and breathing future success story in action and there was nobody at the Radio Station like him. One of the white Radio DJs, who sounds like a black woman on the air, asked the GM to take Tavis’ segment off her show because it was “racist” and he was gone shortly after that. I can honestly say the older I get the more I understand mankind and I can see where BOTH of them (him and her) were coming from NOW. . . but back then?

Most people’s reality is based on “perception” and most people’s perception is based on their environment. Problem is all three can be flawed. I have not seen tavis smiley in eons, I know people that work for him and his staff sends his press releases and I even watch his show when I get a chance but for the sake of his future, I really hope he can move in a new direction and FINALLY put the Obama not coming to The State of the Black Union behind him.

The impact of the President turning down the invite appears to have left an indelible mark and it’s apparent. It just looks like sour grapes and that’s always going to be the result because Obama WON the presidency and made history in the process. I agree that we still have problems in this country with race but I will also agree that I NEVER in my lifetime thought I would see a Black president.

I am STILL in awe and it was not JUST black people who put him there! There are times we have to refocus and fix our thinking. The Performance Tax situation is getting ugly and I suspect it will REALLY get uglier in the weeks to come.

I am so dead center on the issue because on one hand I realize how much radio has done for the music industry but the music industry has also done a LOT for radio. I do know this much, if it passes (and I think it will) it will be the proverbial ‘bottom falling out’ of the industry as we know it today. The corporations or as I like to call them “corps(e)” will be FORCED to dump properties and mom and pop will rise from the grave and bring back local radio.

I am not totally against syndication but mornings need to be local for the most part and I think that would be a good thing for the industry overall. To all my industry friends who are feeling distraught about the industry economy. .

find a way to pull yourself away from doom and gloom thinking and things will fall into place, I swear by it. We MUST, especially for those of us over 40, find ways to reinvent ourselves and create outside opportunities to utilize our industry experience. It’s better to work on that while you have something than to wait until you have nothing.

. . so start now.

You never know what the future holds but by now what you do know is . . . life is short. LIVE, LOVE and be who you REALLY are not who people think you should be. As Ever



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