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Tony Brikk “Pushin’ Heavy” with New Anticipated EP

While his single “My Bad Girl” is steadily rising on the charts, independent rap artist Tony Brikk is releasing a new ep entitled “Pushin’ Heavy.” Brikk’s fans will find “Pushin’ Heavy” to be a compelling anthem of struggle and determination against heart-pounding rhythmic beats.

Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Brikk is a strong lyricist recognized for his unique Southern-cooked style. Early in his music career, Brikk became a local celebrity with his hit “Sipp on This,” which pays tribute to Orlando.

In November 2010, Brikk released “My Bad Girl” on his digital label imprint, High Risk Music International. Distributed to U.S. record pools, “My Bad Girl” immediately received rave reviews and nightclub support from deejays across the country. Inevitably, the single began charting in the top markets of Massachusetts, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Georgia and Florida.

Still aggressively rising, “My Bad Girl” has also earned its way onto the January, February and March “Top-40 Club Play Chart” of renowned DJ Times Magazine. Additionally, it warranted the #5 placement on the magazine’s “Most Added Urban Track” list alongside The , Chris Brown, and Far East Movement.

“Pushin’ Heavy” is a strong response to the success of “My Bad Girl.” The five-track EP chronicles the years of Brikk’s journey and steeps itself in strong lyrical substance, head-bouncing production, and true storytelling.

The industry has taken notice of Brikk’s talent and ever-expanding fanbase. The artist has been heavily supported by Southeastern urban commercial radio stations including KZRB (), KKST () and KAMJ (). Brikk was also annointed “Featured Artists of the Week” at KISS and featured in -based WWS Magazine.com.

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