The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Woman Whose Home Upgrades Have Brought Out the Wild Side in Her Husband: “He’s Just Spending Time with His Boys and Random Women” (video)


    A woman wrote to the Steve Harvey Morning Show who is 28 years old and has a husband the same age. The couple shares a 2-year-old child informed Shirley Strawberry. The woman said she is Black, and her husband is white. The man is a semi-pro athlete, and the woman said she works in hospital administration. They live in a “nice” community of young couples. Their first anniversary is in December. However, the wife did not think they would last that long. Recently they upgraded their pool to add a swim-up bar and “got the backyard kitchen done,” explained Strawberry.

    Since adding the upgrades to the backyard, the husband began throwing lavish parties. The first shindig took place on the Fourth of July, and over a hundred people gathered at the woman’s home, said Strawberry. After that, the husband threw parties every weekend. During football season, the parties moved indoors, and instead of strange women in her pool, her unwanted guests took over the basement. The husband accused the wife of having “negative energy” and said his friends could feel her vibes. The unhappy wife questioned if her behavior was “rude” and “unreasonable.”

    Strawberry said the woman was not being unreasonable, but she was being a little “rude.” The morning show host said the seemingly brash behavior stemmed from the wife not wanting to have so many people hanging out in her abode. Strawberry suggested that someone else act as host and have a party at their home.

    The husband seemed not to spend much time with his family, informed Strawberry. “When does he spend time with you and the child, is what I want to know. Because that’s not in the letter, he’s just spending time with his boys and random women,” said the radio DJ.

    Strawberry projected a possible end to the marriage because she suspected that the husband would not change his partying lifestyle to spend more time with his wife and daughter.

    Nephew Tommy said the husband had a lot of “toys” at his house. However, it was foolish of the hubby to entertain “random” women at his residence. “Don’t nobody just show up at my house with some random women… how stupid can you be?” said Tommy.

    There also needs to be a compromise. Tommy said the man needs to show his wife more respect. He added that newlyweds should spend more time with married couples or people in relationships.


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