The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Questions if Mo’Nique is Ready to Move on From the Drama With DL Hughley (VIDEO)


The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Questioned if Mo’Nique is ready to move on from the drama with DL Hughley.

Gary With Da Tea said Mo’Nique has invited her fans to join her for therapy. Monique is ready to move on from the drama concerning her public feud with DL Hughley. Mo’Nique is inviting her fans to join her for her session in Raleigh NC on a new show.

“Hey sweetie babies, come join me for my therapy session in North Carolina,” said Mo’Nique.

The Morning Show discussed the fan’s reaction to Mo’Nique’s therapy. The comedy star’s audience is not so pleased to join her for treatment.

“I go to comedy shows to laugh not to be around angry energy,” commented one fan.

Monique is trying to get better, said Gary. Mo’Nique invited people to come and get therapy. However, the morning show said this is not a therapy session if you have to pay, it is a show.

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  1. Im not the one who needs therapy and she needs to go at it ALONE. This ain’t about your fans sista this is about you and your negative energy so stop trying to get us to pay for your help. You really do need help.


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