Steve Harvey Discusses Nick Cannon Having More Children (VIDEO)


Steve Harvey talked about Nick Cannon having more children. The actor did confirm that he is expecting another child with Abby De La Rosa, who announced she was pregnant again. Cannon has admitted that he is the father.

The expectant mother’s due date is October 25th. She has joked about having another set of twins with Cannon, but that has not been confirmed. The two parents already share a set of twins born late last year.

“The part for me is, when you have children, children may not listen to what you say, but they do very much watch what you do. They may never repeat or say anything of what you told them, but they watch very carefully what you do. When you’re talking to your daughters about how to be treated by men, you’re gonna at one point have to be that example,” said Steve Harvey.

When a young girl looks at her father, that is her first view of how she sees a man treating a woman. Harvey says a man must be conscious of how he presents himself in front of his daughters.

It is equally important for young girls to have a father in their life as it is for a boy to have a father. Harvey said he noticed during his mentorship camps that it is vital for a girl to have a relationship with their dad.

“It’s gonna be hard for me to just look at my daughters and say, hey, a man can just come along without giving you an honor, and he can just do what do you want to do when he could just go off and have some more kids with somebody else,” said Harvey.

It’s more than just having money. It’s about having someone there that loves and supports you, said Harvey. He argued that it’s about the time you spend with your family.

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  1. I don’t understand why Steve Harvey has anything to say about Nick Cannon having kids it’s not like he has to raise them or pay for them if you have the money for it Nick by all means do you baby just make sure you let your number# 10


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