Bill Maher Questions the Intelligence of Americans: The Country Might be Too “Dumb” to Continue


    Bill Maher questioned the intelligence of America. How can the country continue if the citizens are “dumb?” Maher said. Americans seemed void of common sense.

    “New rule, before we tackle any of our daunting specific problems here in America, we have to figure out how a country can solve any problem if so many of its people are so intractably, astoundingly, mind-numbingly stupid,” said Maher.

    The country might be too stupid to continue, Maher argued.

    On a TikTok site called “Project Better,” average people seemed to not know the answer to everyday questions. For example, the commentator asked, “who is the first person to land on the sun?”

    “So, you tell me if a country is only as strong as its people, what can the future possibly hold for a population this moronic?” said Maher. “Being a full-grown adult and thinking a human could walk on the sun.”

    The lack of common knowledge in everyday citizens is because the public education system has low standards, said Maher. “They will let you out of a public high school and give you a diploma, and you don’t have to actually know anything,” he added.

    Maher said political ads play on people’s ignorance. He said he is not picking on one ad because they are all alike.


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