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Chappelle Show Co-Creator Neal Brennan Wants White People to Shut Up and Pay Up

We all know how amazing the Dave Chappelle show was and how it brought racial issues to the forefront. In his own words, Neal...

Black Hollywood Joined the #OccupyCityHall Movement in Support of All Initiatives that aim to...

Members of Black Hollywood Joined the #OccupyCityHall Movement in Support of All Initiatives that aim to Invoke Change[caption id="attachment_174549" align="alignnone" width="939"] LOS ANGELES, CA -JULY 17: _ _ _ _ members of Black Hollywood seen at #OccupyCityHall Movement in Support of All Initiatives to Invoke Change on Sunday, July 17, 2016 at City Hall in Los Angeles, California.

Prince Releases Funny Cover Art and Snippet for New Song via the Internet

Prince has finally started to embrace the internet. He joined twitter last week under the name @3rdeyegirl and he also has a YouTube page under that same name. If that wasn't enough, he also shows that he has a sense of humor. The cover art for his new single, "Breakfast Can Wait" says it all.

Judge Tosses Massive Suit “Girls Gone Wild”

Judge Tosses Massive Suit "Girls Gone Wild"Judge Tosses Multi-Million Dollar Steve Wynn Verdict Against Joe Francis Yesterday resulted in a massive victory for Joe Francis, creator of the Girls Gone Wild entertainment brand. Judge Joanne O'Donnell overturned 21-million dollars in damages stemming from the Steve Wynn vs. Joe Francis Defamation trial. The vindication of Joe Francis was met with enthusiasm by his defense team. After Steve Wynn's cheating tactics in court illegitimately swayed jurors, the judge realized the course of action was illegal.

OH NO: Charlie Murphy Booed off Stage (vid)

Radio Facts: To be honest, I never thought Charlie Murphy was very funny as a stand up comic. He was great on...