Ebro in the Morning Discusses Kevin Hart Getting Chris Rock, a Goat and Naming it Will Smith (VIDEO)


    Ebro in the Morning discussed Kevin Hart getting Chris Rock a goat and naming it Will Smith. Laura Stylez said she knows a few people that went to the Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, and Chris Rock comedy show and they said it was amazing. Chris Rock and Kevin Hart did a show together and Dave Chappelle was a guest performer.

    As part of the act, Kevin Hart brought a goat on stage and said the goat is named Will Smith. He then gave the goat to Chris Rock. Rock said that he lives in an apartment and will not be taking care of the goat. Ebro asked if people who lived in an apartment can keep goats.

    “I remember a man uptown had a tiger for a while, why you can’t have a goat,” said Ebro.

    Stylez said that someone once had an alligator in an apartment.

    The popular tour is set to continue and is scheduled to come to the Barclays Center soon, said Stylez. She added that those looking to find out more about the show could look online.

    Ebro said that the three comedians together is a winning show. Styles looked up the date of the show at the Barclays Center and realized that the date had passed.


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