Steve Harvey Discusses What Dave Chappelle Thinks About His Attacker and the Difficulties of Being a Comedian (VIDEO)


    Steve Harvey discussed Dave Chappelle‘s thoughts on his attacker and the difficulties of being a comedian. Dave Chappelle was the opening act for legendary comedians Kevin Hart and Chris Rock on Saturday night in Madison Square Garden. Chappelle talked about cancel culture and his recent attack. He said he did not want his attacker to die, but he hoped his attacker would catch monkeypox and his butt footage for about four to six weeks, said Shirley Strawberry.

    The morning show laughed at Chappelle’s comments. Strawberry said Kevin Hart gave Chris Rock a goat, and Chris noted that he was not taking care of it. Chris Rock then talked about cancel culture and addressed his Oscar slap, saying anyone that says words hurt have never been punched in the face.

    Chappelle thanked Kevin Hart and Chris Rock and said comedians have a special bond.

    The morning show wondered what the goat’s name was and concluded that it was Will Smith. The radio host said Kevin Hart named the goat Will Smith. The morning show said the comedians showed camaraderie.

    “I love it, man. I mean, it is what it is. Them dudes, them three bad boys right there, ” said Harvey. “Currently working right now ain’t nobody better.”

    Steve Harvey was asked if it’s true that comedians share a special bond. He replied that it is true they share a special relationship because all comedians know what it takes to walk out on stage.

    “To walk out there is a different beast, man,” said Harvey. “It’s a lot of guys that are not good at it that are walking out there. But the greats that walk out there that say something compelling and funny or just right, you know, in a way, man, where you remember some bits. It’s hard to stand there, man, especially when you do an hour.”

    Harvey said it is difficult for comedians to stand in one place with just a microphone, a stand, a spotlight, a bar stool, and a glass of water. Strawberry said Harvey must make being a comedian look easy because many people think they can go out on stage and perform.

    “You make it look easy because that’s what you do,” said Harvey.


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