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Alfonso Ribeiro Cites White Wife as Only ONE of the Reasons He Feels Rejected...

The video that a lot of people are talking about of Alfonso Ribeiro not being accepted by the Black community because of his white...

Top 10 Walk-offs in 2019

The 2019 MLB Season was record breaking for the long ball. The homerun is one of the most energizing and exciting parts of baseball. It can cause your team to win, to lose or stay a little longer until to finish the game.

That Time Will Smith Grabbed a Cop’s Gun to Protect His Friend

You want to see three friends who have known each other forever just vibe and reminisce about the good ole days, then this is the video you want to watch. Will Smith, Jazzy Jeff, and Charlie Mack have been down since day one.

Sports: Top 10 MLB Walk-offs in 2019

The 2019 MLB Season was record breaking for the long ball. The homerun is one of the most energizing and exciting parts of baseball....

Will Anyone Try to Up Will Smith in the #InMyFeelings Challenge from a Bridge?...

Let us pray that nobody tries to outdo 49-Year-old Will Smith who literally wipes out everybody in the competition by doing the challenge on...

Sony Pictures Invites NFL Owners, Players, and Family Members to See “Concussion” Film for...

With the motion picture Concussion already a topic of national conversation among NFL fans and commentators, Sony Pictures Entertainment is offering NFL players and their families free admission to the movie during the duration of the film's run, which begins on Christmas Day. The studio has already engaged many current and former NFL players, holding private screenings in each

Will Smith and Jaden Smith have a Fresh Prince Reunion on the Graham Norton...

Will Smith and  Jaden Smith take us on a journey back down memory lane to the days of the Fresh Prince...

OMAZE.COM Offers Fans the Opportunity to Meet Will Smith and Family

Omaze.com (Omaze), the online platform that offers anyone the opportunity to enter to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences with celebrities, athletes, and the world's greatest thinkers, all to benefit social causes, has partnered with The Cesar Millan Foundation to offer two new dream experiences in support of the foundation's Mutt-i-Grees Curriculum for donations that begin at $5.00.

Virgin Produced And Overbrook Entertainment Join Forces On Non-Exclusive Pact Beginning With “After Earth”

Virgin Produced, the film and television arm of the Virgin Group, has teamed up with Overbrook Entertainment on a non-exclusive pact, which will support the After Earth franchise, starting with the upcoming May 31 st release, it was announced today by Jason Felts, CEO of Virgin Produced, and James Lassiter of Overbrook Entertainment.

DJ Jazzy Jeff’s 47th Birthday

One half of Philadelphia's hip hop music duo DJ Jazzy Jeff &
t.i., will smith

So Will Smith Asked President Obama to Help T.I.?

So Will Smith Asked President Obama to Help T.I.?How long will the conservatives let this one lay still? In a new interview in Billboard magazine T.I. talks about his time in prison and admits that Will Smith placed a call to President Obama to help T.I. get an early release.

New Talk Show for Queen Latifah?

It seems as if Queen Latifah is going to get another go around with a brand new talk show.  Sources have indicated that...