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Dave Chapelle’s Statement about the LGBTQ Community and DaBaby Is Correct … Sort of

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Comedian Dave Chapelle, 48, just made a controversial remark about the LGBTQ community when he brought up DaBaby actually killing a man in Walmart and completely getting away with it and it not hurting his career but insulting gay people and all hell breaks loose. It wasn’t always like this for the LGBTQ community unit really the last 10 years where the community had enough power to stand up without facing massive discrimination (sound familiar?)

Chappelle is brilliant enough to be making two points that BLACK people don’t care or do anything but white people do. Even though it appears he is saying NOBODY cares about a black life but everybody cares about insulting the LGBTQ community. Can we get mad at the LGBTQ community when WE don’t care about a black person being murdered by him? At the end of the day BOTH situations are wrong and should elicit responses accordingly.

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