California Teachers Association Warns Teachers about “Slap a Teacher” tiktok Challenge


    Slap me and I’ll Slap You Back

    If your child comes home with no teeth please know that there is a very good chance they pulled this stunt on the wrong black teacher with this new “Slap a Teacher” challenge. Who thinks of these challenges? They should change the challenge to “Slap a Teacher, Get New Teeth.”

    Can you imagine going out and spending your hard-earned rent money on Halloween decorations and candy for a party for the children in your class just to have SOME kind of joy in these trying times and somebody’s 5-year-old brat slaps the sh out of you?

    This certainly may be taking it way too far and some of you are laughing but I’m willing to bet the same school systems that do absolutely NOTHING about bullying and suicides because of it, WILL do something about this. (Even though teachers would probably beg to differ).

    Teachers are already frustrated with low pay, COVID demands, and (I know you are not laughing) working with people’s bad ass kids but now you have to worry about getting slapped and having it all over tiktok?

    What kind of world are we living in?


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