StationDigital Launches Browser-Based Version of Its Internet Radio Service


STATIONDIGITAL LOGOStationDigital, an LA-based Internet radio company and digital media broadcast platform, announced today the launch of – the browser-based version of their new Internet radio service – effective 12:00 AM Pacific, on Friday, September 20 th, for the U.S. market. A fully global launch of StationDigital will follow within the month. StationDigital will offer a selection of over 30 million songs available for listening, completely free to its registered users, and a groundbreaking “Listener Rewards” program, the first of its kind in Internet radio, where StationDigital’s registered users continuously earn rewards points for every hour that they listen to StationDigital, and for every time they share playlists or bring friends into the StationDigital listening family. StationDigital also announced that they have submitted the Mobile App version of their service to all the major app stores, and fully expect the approval and availability of the StationDigital mobile app in every major app marketplace within the next ten days.’We’re excited as hell to finally go live this week,” said CEO and Founder Tim Roberts. “This launch of represents the culmination of years of market research, work and refinement of our Internet radio product, which was designed to revolutionize the Internet radio business, and lead the way in the evolution of Internet radio from a music-only platform to a totally free, ad-supported, comprehensive digital media service platform that offers not only music, but movies, video games, eBooks and TV, as well.”StationDigital is a DMCA Internet radio listening platform that currently offers state-of-the-art music and music videos. The immediate future plan of StationDigital is to expand its ad-supported offering to include: movies, TV, eBooks, video games and other digital media free to the consumer. The StationDigital Listener Rewards program will entice listeners to StationDigital by letting its registered users pile up “rewards points” in their StationDigital accounts just for staying tuned to StationDigital and listening to music, with no limit as to the rewards they can earn. The program also allows StationDigital consumers to earn rewards for sharing songs and playlists with others, in the hope that this will help to grow StationDigital’s user base at a frenzied pace. StationDigital users can redeem their rewards points at the StationDigital online superstore for significant discounts on merchandise, like apparel and electronics, and digital media goods offered in the StationDigital online store.”We understand that it’s a competitive market in Internet radio,” Roberts said, “and people want everything for free, so that’s exactly what we’ve modeled our business to give them, and we’re taking it a step farther and actually giving them back tangible rewards to thank them for their loyalty and their business. We look at that as a game changer in Internet radio.”And Internet radio is already a hot game. In an industry in which the monthly listening hours have grown seven fold in the last 8 years to more than 1.5 billion listening hours per month, the opportunity to quickly capture market share with a revolutionary platform and a rewards program is just what StationDigital has positioned itself to seize. The company’s marketing tagline “Get StationDigital…and stay tuned” is an idea the company’s executives hope will catch on with the exploding user base in Internet radio.”We have the best radio platform on the Internet now,” Roberts said. “And it’s only going to get better, with more new premium media available and more new options for our users every month. As we like to say… sign up – and stay tuned.”

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