Digital and Radio Facts: Radio Facts: talibWe are living in a day and age where artists are taking advantage of the tools given to them. Talib Kweli is a prime example of an artist that seems to be doing it his own way. He has just created another potential revenue stream for himself by getting into the business of online radio.Talib Kweli has announced that he is launching his own radio station on Radionomy (, one of the largest user-generated radio station platforms for producers, listeners and broadcasters worldwide. The station, which can be accessed through Radionomy (, will feature music from Kweli, as well as artists from his label, Javotti Media, and will serve as a destination for all things Hip-Hop, including interviews, news and commentary on politics, culture and entertainment.Creating a Personal Connection with FansKweli’s station demonstrates the next wave in entertainment in an era where fans seek a more personal connection with their favorite artists. According to Radionomy, while a signature radio station such as Kweli’s may seem like an obvious way to connect with fans and expand your audience, the technology and business hurdles of running a station have been a barrier for even the most high-profile artists.“We offer the ability to create and run a fully functioning radio station from any web-enabled device,” said Thierry Azcarez, US Manager, Radionomy. “This gives artists like Kweli a perfect platform to communicate with their audiences without having to deal with the business or technology hassles of radio.”A Radio Platform for Touring Artists — Removing the Barriers to Running Your Own StationRadionomy’s 100 percent web-based platform addresses a major challenge that touring artists face when creating their own radio station — mobility. Because Radionomy is managed without any kind of hardware, recording artists who may be travelling frequently can continue to broadcast from any location. Additionally, this enables collaboration between individuals in any location in the world — radio producers in disparate locations can jointly run a Radionomy station in real-time regardless of physical location.“We don’t need a studio or any equipment other than a web-enabled device and a microphone to run this station,” said Donna Dragotta, A&R Admin and Label Manager, Javotti Media. “It gives us flexibility — that’s crucial for our team, which is constantly on the move. We can broadcast live from virtually anywhere.”Radionomy Premium Content Partnerships — Giving Brands a Radio VoiceJovotti Media is the most recent example of Radionomy’s Premium Content program, through which Radionomy partners with organizations to create a station that serves as a year-round platform to promote their brand with:○ Content (music or interviews)○ Streaming of events live○ Embeddable players so the station is accessible on any website○ Global distribution with partners such as TuneIn○ Worldwide broadcasting on hundreds of mobile apps and devices, connected consumer electronic devices, and connected automotive dashboardsThe service is completely free — Radionomy covers streaming and licensing costs by broadcasting four minutes of advertisements per hour. As with all Radionomy stations, once the station has reached 50,000 listening hours/month, Radionomy shares the advertising revenue back with the producer. Ad-free streams are also available, as well as streams which run advertisements from existing sponsors. Radionomy also offers promotional campaigns with 30 second spots targeted by location and/or demographic through the Radionomy Network, which averages 40 million listening hours/month across 7,000 worldwide stations.

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