LL Cool J Shows a Burglar How “Bad” He Really Is


LL Cool J has taken the lyrics to his song, “Mama Said Knock You Out” to another level when he pretty much beat down an intruder in his home.According to law enforcement sources “¦ the suspect entered Todd James Smith’s  Los Angeles area house around 2AM, but unfortunately for him the actor/rapper/badass was home.We’re told LL heard some commotion downstairs, went to check it out what was going on and found the intruder.Sources say the intruder had tripped LL‘s alarm system, and Cool J wasn’t having it and  decided to put a beat down on the dude “¦ and managed to detain him until LAPD arrived a few minutes later to make the arrest.We’re told LL is okay, but the suspect “” who will be booked for burglary “” suffered a few bruises.A rep confirms LL Cool J is safe and unharmed. As for the personal beating LL put on the intruder the rep would only say, “He is committed to keeping his family safe and is cooperating with authorities.”

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