TuneCore Leverages Massive SXSW Presence


TuneCore logo blueIf you missed our very popular 10 Questions with Tunecore article here is a link to it CLICK HERE  .If you don’t know, now you that TuneCore has revolutionized the music game for independent artists and they are doing it once again with their presence at SXSW.TuneCore, the world’s largest distributor of digital music, continues its unrivaled support of independent artists by launching South By TuneCore, #SXTC, an online, socially-driven campaign running during the South by Southwest Festival and designed to promote their artists, everywhere.By launching #SXTC, TuneCore will promote established and up-and-coming musicians to its vast network of artists and their fans via TuneCore’s website, blog posts, and social channels. TuneCore will be promoting the artists’ showcase dates, photos, tips they have for self-promoting at SXSW, among other advice the artists want to share.”TuneCore has and will always support the independent music scene,” says Chris Mooney, Senior Director of Artist Promotions at TuneCore. “What really stands out at this year’s SXSW is 1-in-3 acts have used TuneCore to distribute their music – over 600 acts in all! This speaks to the value artists know they receive from TuneCore through affordable distributions and unprecedented reach all while keeping 100% of their royalties along the way. We want to continue promoting these artists by providing another platform from which they can meet new fans, attract attention from the press, and stand out from the myriad acts that will be in Austin that week.”TuneCore’s support of artists doesn’t stop there. As part of the campaign, new and existing TuneCore artists who distribute a new release through TuneCore in March 2013, will have the opportunity to be featured in the The Power of Independence: A TuneCore Artist Compilation , which will be available for free download on Amazon MP3 U.S. in early April. TuneCore compilation albums have proven to be an effective way to get new fans exposed to artists’ music, as these albums consistently rank in the Amazon MP3 U.S. Top Ten free album category, with over 300,000 downloads.To see the 600+ TuneCore artists performing at SXSW, head to https://www.tunecore.com/sxtc.


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