Tyrese Gibson Presents A Black Rose That Grew Through Concrete


TyreseOne of the most universally acclaimed documentaries to come from an artist in decades; A Black Rose That Grew Through Concrete takes us on an incredible journey through the life and work of actor musician Tyrese Gibson. Viewed by more than fourteen thousand on Easter Sunday, Black Rose thrust us through the tough streets of South Central Los Angeles draught with poverty and gun violence we experience the struggle of a young boy whose strength and tenacity taken from these very mean streets and travels to the bright lights of the big city where a young Tyrese Gibson challenged his faith and gambled his talent to become one of the world’s most beloved talent.”I am a very private person that lives a very public life,” says Tyrese. As I have grown in life and in show business I find myself getting more and more comfortable with sharing the story of my life and the extreme challenges I had along the way.” Tyrese has experienced first hand the hardship of life and has worked diligently to overcome the harsh reality which was once his childhood. “Like many growing up in the trenches of the mean street I felt different,” Tyrese says. “Something about my imagination never stopped me from dreaming beyond my reality. I knew that there was something greater out there. the challenge became how I was going to reach it.”For many the journey has appeared to be swift and effortless from his first appearance on the back of that bus crooning those now infamous words “Always Coca Cola” to belting out the hit singles “Sweet Lady”, “Lately” or “How You Gonna Act Like That” from his multiplatinum discs or shinning on the silver screen in Baby Boy, Death Race, Flight of The Phoenix, Annapolis and the billion dollar franchises Transformers and Fast& The Furious. But many are unaware of the sacrifice which Tyrese has taken to arrive at this place of stardom.”Tyrese will tell you that I was the first to ever see something in him that he never saw,” says John Singleton who cast and directed Tyrese in both Baby Boy and 2 Fast 2 Furious. “I knew and believed he could be a movie star so casting him as the lead in Baby Boy was the start of this journey and I’m so very proud of his growth.”The Tyrese Gibson journey continues with a level of truth and dexterity unlike any other talent in modern day entertainment. Starting the new year with a Grammy Nomination for his fifth studio disc, Open Invitation, and reaching the New York Times Best Seller list with his second literary effort, Manology, a project co-penned with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Rev Run, and preparing for the much anticipated release of TGT ( Tyrese Ginuwine and Tank) on Atlantic Records. Also in 2013 Tyrese will reprise his role as Roman Pierce in the 6th installment of the Fast& Furious franchise which will hit theaters worldwide on May 24 th and this holiday season Tyrese will star alongside Jennifer Hudson, Angela Bassett and Forest Whitaker in the screen adaptation of Langston Hughes’ Black Nativity which will hit theaters on November 24th setting the stage for Mr. Gibson’s sixth studio disc, Black Rose’ and 3rd book also titled Black Rose’ which he will record for his Voltron Recordz imprint.The Black Rose That Grew Through Concrete is available for viewing at www.tyreseonline.com.

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