Tommy Mottola Publishes Tell All Memoir Includes Clash with Michael Jackson

“He’s a mean , and very, very, very devilish,” said of record label executive famously at a press conference in 2002, Mottola has now published his memoirs this week in book form, entitled: “Hitmaker: The Man and His Music.”

Mottola has also been in the public eye in relation to his marriage to then budding singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, and current American Idol judge as well. The record mogul wooed the then waitress when she was just 19 years old, him being 20 years her senior. He has since described his relationship with her as “absolutely wrong and inappropriate.”




Mottola   departed from Music Entertainment for 10 years ago He worked with Jackson commencing with the recording of his album “Dangerous”, which was released in 91. Jackson would later comment that “the recording companies really do conspire against the artists.”

This publication represents Mottola’s third attempt at memoirs, previous two versions having been discarded by the author. “I always try to take a backseat, even with this book,” said Mottola. “Do the work, try to do good work, and the results will speak for itself. That was always my philosophy, though I went against my own philosophy and decided to write this book. So there you go, so much for that.” Carey has described Mottola, native to the Bronx in New York, as controlling, secluding her in his mansion, to which Mottola countered: “No I did not hypnotize Mariah.” He says her descriptions of him are “harsh and untrue.” Mottola contends that Carey proposed marriage to him, that her allegations are “lots of crap,” and he states he is concerned that his children from a separate union may have experienced trauma as result of his five year union with Carey. Likewise, of Jackson, Mottola said that the singer “snapped” when he so publicly described him as “devilish”. Grand Central Publishing are the publishers. Carey has declined to comment. Jackson passed away in 2009.

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