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Sweet, the broadscale NFT platform for consumer and entertainment brands, has announced the launch of hip-hop megastar Lil Pump’s inaugural NFT collection, highlighted by the “Esskeetit Diamond VVS” NFT. With his signature flair for jumping-the-queue, the multi-platinum-selling artist is partnering with Sweet to dive into the world of NFTs in his distinctive style.

The collection will feature three unique collectibles appealing to every member of the Lil Pump fanbase. The 3-piece collection features a 500-piece giveaway to fans, an affordable and exclusive collectible card with a limited 2,000 piece inventory, and the uber-rare capstone “Esskeetit Diamond VVS” NFT for the true connoisseur.

Two of the NFTs Lil Pump released today were designed exclusively to serve his ardently loyal fanbase. The “Esskeetit Card” and the “Lil Pump Artist Card V1” can be acquired by fans through a link in Lil Pump’s Instagram bio and here.

In addition to the above two NFTs, Pump is releasing the “Esskeetit Diamond VVS” NFT, an uber-rare collectible that allows fans and collectors to own a piece of Lil Pump’s personal multi-million dollar jewelry collection in the digital world. Pump has minted a total run of five “Esskeetit Diamond VVS” NFTs, the complete exhaustive worldwide inventory, with each retailing for $10,000 that can be purchased securely on a first-come-first-served basis with BTC, ETH, BCH, or credit card.

“This is the future. Now you can live like me and own a rare NFT collectible of one of my favorite chains,” said Lil Pump. “There are only five in the world and for lucky fans, there are 500 free pieces and 2,000 at $9.99 Esskeetit!”

“The future of rare, collectible merchandise is in the digital arena, as evidenced by the growing interest in NFTs,” said Tom Mizzone, CEO, Sweet. “Sweet’s cutting-edge technology allows brands and artists to create authentically rare, tradeable NFTs and distribute them through many channels and in an eco-friendly way. We are thrilled to be the ones giving Lil Pump fans and global collectors a new way to own exclusive digital goods. This is the first of multiple drops we will be doing with Pump.”

About Sweet: Sweet is the highly scalable Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform used by top music, entertainment, and consumer brands. Sweet offers the flexibility of broad-scale distribution of NFTs and provides leading music artists and retail brands with the opportunity to drive new revenue and consumer engagement. Sweet has built one of the most energy efficient NTF platforms in the world and can quickly spin up broad distribution campaigns for clients leveraging the blockchain.

About Lil Pump: Amassing over 3.8 billion audio and video streams and more than 16 million followers, multi-platinum-selling rapper Lil Pump rose to fame as the phenomenon of the SoundCloud rap scene. He made history in 2017 with his five-time-platinum single “Gucci Gang,” which peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Since then, Lil Pump has released two albums, Lil Pump and Harverd Dropout, which charted on the Billboard Hot 100 at the number 3 and number 7 spots, respectively. Lil Pump has been featured on and released a number of top singles, including “Boss,” “Esskeetit,” “Welcome to the Party,” “I Love It” and “Arms Around You,” all of which have received gold and platinum RIAA certifications.

Pump has found success with recent collaborations into the Latin music scene working with artists such as Anuel AA and El Alfa. In February 2020, Lil Pump announced the release of his third studio album Lil Pump 2, expected to drop sometime in 2021.

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