Making Money on Youtube: Woman Makes 1.3 Million … Gorging on MEAT? (video)


Who thought making money on Youtube could be so easy? Just be creative

And somewhere there is a radio jock waiting for a $12.00 an hour gig? This woman and her family have literally created a huge business off of her eating large portions of meat online. She says her fans enjoy watching her slurp, smack, and suck the meat off the bones from huge portions. Her favorite videos to make are her eating gargantuan crabs.

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While many health nuts would be grossed out by her eating these genetically modified sea beasts she could care less about your judgment. She has endorsement deals and gets $20,000 plus just for mentioning products during her videos and she makes over 1.3 million a year with her labor-intensive job of well … eating meat. See video below


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