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WHAT IN DE FOOK? Brian McKnight’s New Song (vid)

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Radio Facts: I realize it's a new day and that the music industry has changed and I would guess older artists have to do what they have to do to remain relevant. It may surprise you to see balladeer Brian McKnight to do a song called “Let Me Show you How your Pussy Works”… who am I to judge, do what you think works.

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  1. I LOVE Brian McKnight but I’m sorry . . . . . Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Really?? I’m all for Grown Folks music but . . . . what ever happened to those days when sex was implied and NOT explicit? He could have substituted the word “Body” and the song would still have had the same effect. And the part about squirting . . . c’mon, now . . . really, Brian? This is one of those ideas that should have never left the vault.

  2. Gee — I’m disappointed. As a long time fan, I have no interest in supporting the poor taste in this project. Is it to be mass marketed, sung on television? Brian, you have too much talent to be so base in your lyrics….Where’s the romance? The power of “suggestion” is far more “grown-up” in my opinion.

  3. I loved Brian McKnight back in the day, but he done fell off. Hopefully no adult stations will support this garbage. This is a pathetic attempt by him to remain relevant. All of his songs in the last couple years have been crap and barely gotten any airplay.

  4. 33: I haven’t even made it through the entire video, and I started to comment. What the fuck…Briain McKnight please go fall in love or break-up with some. You are not R.Kelly, he would made “Show How your Pussy Work” one of the hottest hooks of summer, chick would groovy…come show how my pussy works…with lil kim or nikki on the REMIX…


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