DMX Breaks Down Admits his Mother Never told him that She Loved Him (vid)


It’s a shame that in the black community men are not allowed to feel or express our feelings. It is no wonder so many of us have pent up anger issues. This is what happens when we have a disconnect from our parents. Every child deserves to be loved and there are some parents who are so mired in their own selfishness that they treat their children as an unwanted obligation never showing love or emotion then the black boy grows up to have children of his own and he repeats the cycle, it can also happen if the mother loves her son but too often the father is never present to balance the situation in the black community. In addition fame exacerbates the pain instead of helping it. How can millions of people love you when your own mother doesn’t? During a recording of a show Couple’s Therapy DMX breaks down and reveals he never connected with his mother.


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