Conservative’s History of Attacks on Democratic Presidents starts with Abuse of & “Freedom of Speech& “


The rally against President Obama by angry conservatives seems to be growing and I have to ask myself, is this the same way Bush was treated but I was, perhaps, less sensitive because he was not a black man? Then I quickly realized that Bush’s worst criticisms came years after he was in the white house and after several MAJOR mishaps that did nothing for his PR per say.

Many lives were lost, disasters took place and extremely bad decisions were made during his tenure and while people certainly expressed their dismay Obama, least we forget, inherited the task of having to spend most or his entire 4 year term cleaning up the mess the Bush Administration left behind. Is that an easy task. HELL NO so why is it that these people are not giving him a break?

The polls are reporting that the economy is improving, the banking, the car industry and the real estate industry are reporting improvements which is significant considering where we were this past December, but those things seem to take a back seat to Obama’s latest drive to correct our horrendous health care system. The conservatives have some Americans believing that Obama’s plan will cover illegal immigrants and that it is designed to take benefits away from the elderly.

I think MOST Americans of all colors would not agree that our new health care system should cover illegal immigrants, including me but the response to Obama’s plans have surpassed any expectation I ever had from angry conservatives who are most likely covered themselves. They have no concept of the many poor Americans of all colors who are American citizens who have died unnecessarily at the mercy of the current health insurance system. I actually know some people.

A woman with breast cancer comes to mind who was at stage 2 when she was diagnosed but because she did not have insurance, the constant rejection by many organizations to help her sent her into a deep depression where she finally gave up, isolated herself in her apartment and died in a hospice at 48 years of age. It’s not enough for someone diagnosed with a major disease to get medical attention, it’s not often considered that they fall into a major depression too.

Those who are rallying against Obama’s plans and stand ing behind the Becks, Limbaughs and Palins have not lost a mother. sister or a friend to a ridiculous HMO plan or to a state hospital because their job at Wallmart or some other outlet reporting mass revenue each year, didn’t offer insurance to employees. They are seeing the current insurance issue through tainted rose colored glasses.

The conservative talk show hosts’ drive to compete and get ratings make the situation worse because their main concern it to concoct theories of their own including drawn up false concepts of what President Obama is trying to do resulting in mere sensationist ratings-driven TV and radio for the lack of a better word…”news.” These misleading broadcasts are all simply an effort to increase paychecks with a total disregard for the metally ill viewers who take what they say word for word. This entire situation is beyond toxic.

It’s about talk radio and TV gone awry. Beck, Limbaugh O’Reilly and others are a mere glorified version of reality radio and reality TV but for news (sans actual journalists). Whether or not they realize the power and influence they have over the group of angry Americans who can border on anything from staunch republican to hardcore nutcase remains to be seen but the meal that fox news is feeding viewers is dangerous nonetheless. History has always shown that Democratic presidents are attacked from every angle from gate.

The Kennedy’s, Carter and Clinton experienced it before Obama and know the story oh so well. As I am one of the last of the Baby Boomers the most vivid memory I have is the vicious attacks on Bill Clinton from day one of his term in office by conservatives and republicans alike. I’m sure the attacks on Obama certainly are in part race-based but because so many other democratic presidents have had the same fate, it’s not entirely race based.

Rush Limbaugh’s lead in ‘hoping Obama fails’ before Obama officially took office was most disturbing and evil and I think that statement was ENTIRELY race AND ratings based. The verbal attacks are coming fast and furious and are targeted not only to Obama’s proposed policies but the attacks are often deliberately twisted interpretations and yellow journalism jabs per fox news for getting the biggest rise out of the white Americans who didn’t want Obama to be president in the first place.

Now Sarah Palin, unable to hand le the job of Governor, seems to have joined the fray in an attempt to attack her former competitor. She lost, if her goal is to run in 2012, she needs to prepare herself for that and stay out of the limelight. It is hard for me to believe that people actually believe in her. I honestly believe John McCain would have had a much better chance of winning if he had not chosen her as his running mate. Something he probably also realizes himself now.


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