Woman Shoots Cop After Bust with Drugs During Police Stop (video)


This woman lost her life after what appeared to be a small charge but considering she had several warrants out in her name she probably would have gotten a hefty sentence. She probably also knew that by the time the other cops got there and searched her car and found a semi-automatic gun along with the drugs her charges would have mounted. She asks to use the restroom and the cop says no. So what was her solution to the situation? Shoot the cop… Now she's dead 

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  1. Trash reporting.
    The video very clearly states that the warrants were in her BOYFRIEND’S name, along with the vehicle she was driving.
    Also, she lost her life because she chose to fire on the officer instead of taking her charges, NOT because of whatever “small charge” you were referencing.
    4 times he told her “stay outa the car” and 4 times she went right back into it like he didn’t say a word. As a result, she was being placed in cuffs/detained… A detention that she knew would turn into an arrest after they searched her car and found that pistol along with the drugs in her purse.
    Also, I believe this video is at least a year or so old.
    For a publication called “radiofacts”, you’d think your reporting would be a bit more factual…

  2. Well this woman with all these warrants out on her, won’t have anything to complain about now, that she is dead.


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