Core DJs Tony Neal Addresses Mother of his Alleged Daughter that put him on Blast


Tony Neal, according to sources is no stranger to putting people on Blast, this time the shoe is on the other foot as the alleged mother of his 13 year old daughter has exposed him in the worst way by sending the scorching letter below to a plethora of popular blogs. Falisha Hopkins, the girl’s mother’s quote is below…

“Just when I thought this BITCHASS NIGGA couldn’t sink any lower, he fools me again.   I don’t know where to start with this deadbeat.   I have been dealing with this sperm donor for 13 unfortunate years; the only great thing I got out of being with his BITCHASS is my beautiful daughter.   I have never met a more selfish lowdown man oops I mean little boy in all my life.   Ladies, ladies, ladies, please pick and choose your child’s father wisely!!   Now I won’t bore you with the previous years, hell the current is bad enough!First off, I have never met a person who is so quick to point the finger at other people as opposed to looking at himself; hand s down TONY NEAL wins that award.   I will start with last week and go from there, this nigga has his whole schedule blasted on his MySpace page, which my daughter frequents often to see where he is!   His BITCHASS always comes to ATL, where we live.   He never sees his daughter when he comes here; as a matter of fact he was here last week which is the reason for this blast.   He tells my daughter he will see her when he gets here and take her shopping (mind you he has not seen her in 2 years and has not paid child support in months!), now I already know he’s a lying black bastard so I just shrug my shoulders and keep it moving.   He gets here and talks to my daughter and as usual rushes her off the phone, to my surprise he answers his phone the next day when she calls too, wow 2 in a row imagine that.   By the third and fourth day he never answers his phone and once again leaves ATL without so much as an hour spent with his child, now mind you he visits ATL often.Now by the third day I’m ready to kick his fooking head in because now my child is walking around sad as hell and there is nothing worse than a sad child and you can’t change their mood.   When your child constantly ask you why their dad won’t take care of them, why they don’t see them, why they don’t care it begins to piss you off!   Now my daughter is 13 she has become quite wise about her daddy, no more sugar coating this bullsh…, TONY NEAL is a piece of sh… point blank!   Now I guess it was building up inside my daughter so she sent him an email.   Below is the conversation they had by email.   THE SOB tells my daughter not to call him anymore!   WHAT KIND OF FOOKED UP CRAZY ASS BULLSh… IS THAT!   You tell your own child not to call you anymore; he’s more like his crack head momma than I thought.

Now this sh… is g oing to blow your mind.   I erased over $20,000 dollars in back child support this BITCHASS nigga owed me; yeah that’s right 20 thousand dollars!!!!!!!!! How many women do you know does that sh…!!!!   I agreed to do this only if he continued to pay his current child support each month (which is a measly $125, not enough to buy sh…!), well guess what he has only paid child support 3 times this year, always in arrears even after I wiped his slate clean!!!!!!   In the words of Ed Lover “Come on Son” you have got to be kidding me. Last year when I called him on it as I often do, what did he do, you guessed it, pointed the finger at me.   Called me a fat miserable bitch, I’m going to die because I have high blood pressure (which I don’t) I’m a hoe, my mommas a hoe and so on and so on and told me never to contact him again, just like he told his daughter.   Now at what point does this trifling nigga think he should take responsibility and say you know what I could be a better father, I could spend more time, I should fooking pay my child support, NOPE it’s always the other person’s fault.As you see below this is all he has paid to date and the last time he paid was in fooking June!   Oh did I mention his BITCHASS wife, she is worse than him.   Just so happens she has a child that he just loves to take care of.   Last year when I called him out he tells her=2 0to email my daughter to say he’s not sending her anything for Christmas, how low down is that, to have your wife email your daughter to tell here you won’t be sending her anything for Christmas,  and this bitch sent my child an email saying just that!!!   She needs her mutha fookin ass whooped!!!!   Well one thing is for sure they definitely belong together!!!”Tony Neal responded to his ex in Ozone Magazine here.



  1. I am appauled by the level of tyour dignity and self-respect as a woman and a mother. It is blatantly obvious you feel anomosity toward Tony Neal by your hostile tone in this blog. However, I must come to his defense I met him 20 years ago when I lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was a part of a female rap group called “Triple Threat” .I watched him take his dj talents to levels that are highly recognized today in the music industry. He is the epitome of what a gentleman personifies in every way and I am sure hundreds if not thousands of women would agree. I am an attractive, talented women and he never once tried to hit on me nor has he ever berated or belittled any woman. If you were a good mother your mouth would not be so filthy and you would not involve a child in your adult confrontations. I since jealousy and eny for a life you which you would have had with him now that he is successful. Maturity comes with time and you should pray that you overcome these hardened feelings for him at least for the sake of your daughter. And anyone reading this blog can see that you obviously have no class and are posting you r picture and your story to gain some kind of noteriety for your pitful exsistence. I would quit while I’m ahead because you are creating an UGLY situation for yourself and your daughter. Find your own way to shine in a positive light….an apology would be a good start. Better yet get an attorney and settle these matters through the juducial system if you have a real “case. Otherwise, enroll in school, take up a hobby or better yet join a parenting class so that you can truly better yourself before appearing ignorant and hood to the world . Get over it and grow up!!!!

  2. Tony Neal is a personal friend of mines and I’ve never known him to act in the manner that she’s speaking on. Let alone do a child like this….Heck, he was very good to my children. This is just ridiculous!!!! Right now I’m appreciating his response (that’s right boo, don’t let em deminish your character). There’s a more appropriate way of handling business, and Ms. Lady you didn’t handle this one right!!

  3. Tony has a bunch of mofo kids by a bunch of different broads. When I dated him he was not at all involved in his kids lives and there is absolutley no excuse for that which is why he was a date no more no less. He couldn’t understand why all these broads were having his babies, well maybe becuz he wouldn’t rap that big mofo up.invest in ur kids and some breath mints Anthony James Neal!

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