Austin DJ robbed outside South Austin Radio Station, Posts Video of Injuries?


A popular Austin dj was robbed outside his radio station.

Police say Bobby Bones, the morning dj for KISS-FM, was walking through the parking lot of Clear Channel radio in South Austin just after 4 a.m. when someone called out to him, then chased him. Bones tripped and fell, injuring his knee and shoulder.The thief grabbed Bone’s laptop and took off.Bones posted video of his injuries on YouTube. “Look at this — look at my shoulder. (My) shoulder’s jacked up… freaking feet are jacked up… lost my shoes when I ran from that dude, they’re all cut up and stuff,” Bones said.Those who live and work in the area say the incident doesn’t have them worried about their own safety.Justin Greenfield works late night hours at the Stompin’ Grounds Coffee and Cocktail Lounge, which is close to where Bones was robbed.”The police have done a really good job down here. You’ll see them patrol up and down every two three minutes at nighttime, so I think that’s really kept things pretty calm around here,” he said.Austin Police Corporal Scott Perry says if you do work in the early morning or late night hours, use common sense — stay aware of your surroundings, park in a well-lit area and have security or a coworker walk you to your car.”No matter how safe and clean a neighborhood may be, there’s still going to be that criminal element that preys on innocent victims,” Perry said.TV: Austin DJ robbed outside South Austin radio station | News for Austin, Texas | Austin News | | KVUE News |Local News.

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