WHAT IN DE FOOK? Al Sharpton is Dating LisaRaye? Is There a Pre-Nup for Dating?


OK, this makes sense on both parts. Al is tired of dating old women with guts and beards and Lisa's purse is empty. Al, PUT YOUR MONEY IN A SAFE PLACE NOW!!!! Always walk BEHIND Lisa when going down the stairs… Hide your insurance policies over your sister's house.Post Below Courtesy of YBF“Here's what we know: A few weeks ago our source (a MAJOR publicist in the industry who shall remain nameless) told us that Al and LisaRaye–both barely divorced–are indeed together now. When we asked the obligatory “WTF?! Why?” The answer is because Lisa knows she's not getting onto any of these “society and political” events without a man who could bring her along. She's also starved for attention from the media–surprise surprise–so Al is her “In” into that world. And Al–well he's just happy to say he can have a chick that looks like LisaRaye on his arm and whose perm looks better than his.We didn't believe it at first, but at the Congressional Black Caucus events this weekend in DC–Mr. Sharpton was indeed coupled up with LisaRaye as he brought her as his date to every event. In the above pic, they were boo'd up at a Gala afterparty at Toscana West. And below, we spotted them at the Gala together with friends. I mean holding hand s, boo'd up, everything. Shocker…we know. But you heard here FIRST….”

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