DJ Envy and Eboni K. Williams Get into Heated Debate about her “Bus Driver” Comments (Video)


Eboni K. Williams joins The Breakfast Club to explain her viral comment on not dating a bus driver during a recent interview with Iyanla Vanzant.

She says she wasn’t talking about salary but ownership of property and says that is why she said if the bus driver owned the bus.

“It is hard to be free in black America when you don’t own anything,” Eboni says.

Envy thinks she is changing the goal post by diverting the conversation and her comments to the Black community as a whole instead of addressing her hurtful remarks in her interview with Iyanla, where she said she would not date a Bus driver unless he owned the bus.

Eboni makes some valid points, but when it comes to communication, which is not discussed during this great interview, she rarely smiles and comes off as harsh.

Her communication skills are not warm and friendly in the least, which is why her comments were probably taken out of context. It’s all in the presentation.

Envy also mentions that even though she is advocating for the black community and Black men, she was engaged to a white man—very interesting conversation. The argument starts around the 20 mark.

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