UPDATE: V103’s DJ Infamous and the Atlanta Flood Aftermath

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As reported here first, and I believe we were the ONLY industry trade to report this story initially, V103’s DJ Infamous lost his home during the Atlanta floods and he had just become a father around the same time. He is currently staying with his manager, we hear and we don’t have any details on this, fans has helped out greatly. As far as the flood, I left several boxes over a friends house when I left Atlanta a year ago and was told they got wet. My friend also informed me much of the water that flooded people’s homes was mixed with raw sewage (yikes) and that human sh… was spotted at several locations. (there goes breakfast). FEMA has stepped in and will help those affected. Flood insurance was not available to several areas of Atlanta because many areas were not considered flood zones until now. The city is about to get sued stupid and now homeowners have to worry about severe mold infeRadio Station .



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