BUSINESS: Is Entercom about to sell Urban Stations to iHeart?


Looking at the Atlanta market, it would appear the writing is on the wall. iHeart, without question the most progressive radio media corporation in the industry, has one hip-hop presence in Atlanta but no AC station and no leading Black stations in Atlanta or DC. The only iHeart stations in the market are The Bull, Power 96.1, Z105.7, 105.3 The Beat (hip-hop), 94.9 The Lake and now BIN the all-Black news information network that just popped up from nowhere and appears to be the odd man out on WGST which just flipped last week.

Atlanta has the most Black radio stations in the industry and iHeart has just one presence there which is a hip-hop station. The biggest most innovative media corporation not in a market with a huge black population? I would bet they have their eye on the behemoth Black station in the market owned by Entercom, V-103, in addition, WAOK is wide open to be a 24-hour Black news station too depending on how they run it. Finally, iHeart is looking for news people in the Atlanta market. Your thoughts?


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