5 Days to Raise, Helping Industry People in Need


5-days-to-raiseMany of you know I have a tradition each year of sending debit cards to people in need who once worked in the industry and may have fallen on hard times. I try to do this in time for Christmas. We are all so lucky to be working but there are others who have lost their jobs, homes and who continue to struggle to find work outside the industry since many of them are older now. Your contribution means a lot and will help someone in need. My goal this year is just $2000.00 if we go over that, that’s fine. If you know a former industry person who is struggling please email me and let me know so that we can add them to the list.  Please leave a number where I can reach you if I need to. ([email protected]) Their information will be kept confidential unless they want me to discuss it in Radio Facts . We will start taking donations right away and will stop in mid December. You can also mail a check or a money order to:

Radio Facts11054 Ventura Blvd. #142Studio City, CA 91604

We will be announcing either a crowd funding source or PayPal to also contribute by the end of this week.In advance,



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