Most Dangerous Cities in America


Digital and Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Here is the latest list of Most Dangerous Cities in the US per Neighborhood Scout

25. Birmingham, Alabama

24. Little Rock, Arkansas

23. Homestead, Florida


22. Memphis, Tennessee

21. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

20. Riviera Beach, Florida

19. Chester, Pennsylvania

18. York, Pennsylvania

17.Wilmington, Delaware

16.Bessemer, Alabama

15.Harvey, Illinois

14. Monroe, Louisiana

13.Oakland, California

12.Spartanburg, South Carolina

11.Chelsea, Massachusetts


10.Inkster, Michigan

9.Newburgh, New York

8.St. Louis, Missouri

7.Atlantic City, New Jersey

Detroit, Michigan

5.Saginaw, Michigan

4.West Memphis, Arkansas

3.Flint, Michigan

2.Camden, New Jersey

1.East St. Louis, Illinois



  1. This list might be more useful if whoever put it together started out by telling us exactly how and why these cities are considered the most dangerous. Was the list made by compiling crime statistics? For whom are these cities considered the most dangerous? “Everyone?”

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