House Music’s Colonel Abrams, Homeless and in Poor Health, Crowdfunding Caign Established


UPDATE: Colonel Abrams has Died (click here)

Originally posted December 9, 2015 – Former MCA recording artist Colonel Abrams is reportedly in very poor health and homeless and in need of financial assistance.

The eighties singer had several hits on the now defunct MCA label including “Trapped”, “How Soon We Forget” and “Not Gonna Let.” The organizers of a fundraiser, including Don Welch and Tony “Tune” Herbert, are calling on Abrams fans and industry contacts to donate whatever they can to help the former house music star who has fallen on very hard times and he is in need of medical attention.

Chicago House musician Marshall Jefferson recently launched a caign to crowdfund his next album turned around and  asked those donating to help Colonel Abrams instead. He stated in a video: “As most of you may or may not know, a lot of recording artist don’t have medical coverage or benefits.”

 He went on to say… “The Colonel is very ill with no permanent place of his own to live at this time and limited financial resources. Those of us who have listened to his awesome music and know of his plight, have banded together to try to help him through this rough patch.” Here is the crowdfunding page (update the page has been removed)

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