Brian Dalyrimple (Soul for Real) Held Without Bond and…

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Originally posted March 31, 2009

Today a judge made two important rulings. one that Brian Dalrymple, from the singing group soul for real will have to stay in jail for now, with no bond and two, that the case against him will go forward. Brian Dalyrimple took the stand this afternoon, in Atlanta, hoping a judge would release him on bond. He stated to the judge “I'm a professional singer and that he needs to travel in order to make a living … the judge said “no.”

one of the arresting officers in the case, detective Fran Foster states: we have transaction video to show the transactions he had done against those victims..” she goes on to state “we ended up with so much documentation … that the whole bedroom was covered with paperwork, credit card, driver's licenses and more…” Dalrymple says he is actually the victim of identity theft… and has never tried to run from police.

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  1. Its a double-stand ard that a teenage black whose singing and not robbing is being detained with no bond.Bernie Madoff stole billions of dollars and here recently punkd-out and took a deal.This young black teenager is a victim of the same”special privileges for whites”while thousand s of young blacks are still being pegged as different because of the skin color.Maybe this young man needs to be rerained in a different way.Who is qualified to turn a back on a teenager when its obvious that some intervention is needed.At any rate no municipality or government local or otherwise have no business trampling on the rights of citizens just because they have political power.How is America being unfair to the neglected;while the rich get expedited preferential treatment?

  2. The above statement is ridiculous. THe crimes are still only alleged, but dog, if they find that you have done that much and you don’t have the kind of money to afford representation like Madoff, what did you think was going to happen. Black folks gotta stop playing this “victim” card when they are clearly messing up. I’m not stupid enough to think that black aren’t discriminated against in the judicial system, but sometimes we have to take responsibility for our actions. Why would my man leave that much evidence around? That’s pure stupidity.

  3. If you try to run you don’t get bail. Madoff didn’t run and paid for 24 hour security to make sure he couldn’t escape. Brian took off…so he gets NOTHING!


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