WOW: Huge Industry Legend Goes LEFT: What do you think about this statement….


A legend in the industry who chooses to remain anonymous sent this comment to me about the industry today. What do you think? (video of Jim Jones getting Tattoo)“…So talented youth rises. What it is, is, that our new President proves you can speak our fooking language, act and dress like a good family man and still be Black and real. Some ignorant misognistic punk with his goddamn pants hanging half down his ass barely covered by a too-big white T shirt and an arm full of self-hate and mutilaition in the form of tatoos carrying some stupid fookin jug of Patron ainâ„¢t what mainstream Black America wants for its progeny. Music? Câ„¢mon, what music? Moans and groans through a keyboard? One hit wonders singinâ„¢ about the pu..y they canâ„¢t get and wouldnâ„¢t know what to do with if they ever met a REAL woman? Bullsh…. Hats off to Stevie doing what the fook he wants with his own Radio Station , sh… after 20+ years itâ„¢s paid for”and Iâ„¢m one of Guy Blackâ„¢s biggest fans but he clearly ainâ„¢t young. When great talent arises they star. When great music pops up we play it, you hear it and go buy it. But the rest of that sh…â„¢s romance, not business. Oh yeah”donâ„¢t get it twisted”Iâ„¢m Black and been around as a pro for a lot more time that I care to share in the circumstance. And I get paid big money for that free opinion I just gave you.”Feel free to comment (anonymously if you wish) would love to hear your

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