Superstar Comic &  Legendary Radio Personality Issues Statement on Departure


Radio Facts received word today that J. Anthony Brown is leaving the Tom Joyner show. Back in January of this year Brown walked off the show as reported in Radio Facts then returned. Almost a year later he is leaving again. No doubt it’s a contract dispute. See info below.

(LOS ANGELES) — After a more than 20-year run on the nationally-syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) (TJMS), funnyman J. Anthony Brown is leaving the show. His comedic take on social issues and pop culture has been a staple for radio listeners in more than 100 markets across the country.

“I want to thank all the listeners and fans for embracing me for more than 20 years on the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) . You were a captive audience, and your support and feedback encouraged me to be a better comic and a better social commentator, reflecting the world around us,” said Brown. “I am eternally grateful to Tom Joyner and the morning crew for the years of friendship and laughs, in sickness and in health. I thank you for the opportunity to showcase my talents, and allowing me to have a voice on morning radio.”

Brown is one of the forerunners to today’s popular Black comedy scene. His departure leaves behind a legacy of comedic skits, parodies, and “murdered hits,” addressing hot topics, making headline news. Plus, listeners will certainly miss his trademark catcall:  “Watch Out Deh Now!” See J. Anthony Brown’s Video Resignation HERE.


  1. I was watching the movie “Talk to Me” this weekend and I started to think how powerful African American jocks were. Back in the day jocks had style and a polished sound that made listeners want to listen not only to the music but to them along with informative and interesting local love. Jocks were community leaders and friends, they were accessible. We had that media locked in and we owned it. Then someone decided that we should all talk the same and say the same thing basically taking away all the personality and individuality away that made a DJ and personality and it wasn’t no white person who did that! We gave it all away, the owners though their fear of making the jock to powerful, the wiz p.d. who wanted to make history by changing the game (thus killing our voice) and once that foundation was knocked down it was easy to for others to come in and take over……sad sad sad. radio should not about youth, or vet it should be about who can keep the audience locked in Rush Limbaugh is making millions by doing what? being the voice of his people (although their crazy) and he’s making the big bucks doing what Petey Greene, Magnificent Montague, Jack Gibson, and so many others did when they were simply allowed to DO IT!

  2. well said suga….i say bring back the days of petey green and do it on AM…….that’s what i’m doing at wdia memphis…….and we are top 5 rated radio station..and we having fun doing it…………

  3. Why are Black people hurling grenades at other Blacks,Kevin. Don’t hate the playa,hate the game.White people nor any other sane race don’t just give up cushy high paying jobs,voluntarily(nor do I hear their contemporaries calling for them to, Stern is nearing 60,I-mess 90,lol),why should these brothers?They are making more money than ever,and they should just quit,how unintelligent of you to say that!!! This kind of talk in 2010 should be beneath us all, it’s so Willie Lynch like,young vs old etc.If you don’t like it, do something about it,there are more options available today than ever,your blog is an example of that,stop endlessly moaning on and on ,you sound like a nag with a stomach ache.BTW,have you ever spoken to any of these guys that you trash,that’s being a journalist,you are acting like Perez Hilton.Find a solution to the problem and act on it,instead of your daily woe is Black radio spiel.There is room for everyone,develop a niche.Every problem like the one you continually talk about, brings a solution,which means money.If people you run into are not listening to radio,I’d want to know why and what are they listening to and why and see if I could do it wide scale or even small scale.You have opinions,so that’s a start,put those ideas into action or are you only good for complaining?

  4. The Tom Joyner show will be nothing without J Anthony Brown. He made the show. I have been a listener for many years but I will not listen anymore. J made the show and no one will be able to replace him….so long J good luck!

  5. Sorry to see Jay Anthony Brown go but he is not the reason that I listen to the Tom Joyner Morning Show I like the fact that Tom addresses issues that concern the black community

  6. We will miss Jay,he was very funny.I love all the morning show host.Maybe it’s time he gets his own Raido show.I will continue to listen to you all.Jay will be missed.Hope something can be worked out soon.UNITED WE STAND.Love to you all.

    • I agree. I stopped listening because of that. There would be a serious conversation on the table and JAB would try to throw in a joke, or he would interrupt the guest. He was not that funny at all.

  7. I really don’t understand why the show, or even Tom, could issue some type of good bye. Unless there was some type of internal issue, Tom at least should have said something like wishing him good luck and he will be missed, or something. Oh well, I’ll still give the show a shot because I didn’t just listen due to JAB, he was just an added pleasure. I may be listening to Steve Harvey a bit more though…..
    Good luck J. Anthony Brown, you will really be missed (especially your murdered hits!!)

  8. Jay say it ain’t so. I love tms. I listen because of Jay Tom and my girl sibil. I listen because they keep me informed on current events all while putting. A smile on my face. This trio gels well together. I wish Jay nothing but the best on his new journey.

  9. Its a shame that there wasn’t enough give-and-take to keep JAB. Sometimes we need to just swallow our pride and do what’s best for the listeners

  10. Jay was 1/3 of the great success of the TJMS. There was a morning show before Jay and there will continue to be one after him. The TJMS is bigger than just one person, they help to keep us informed and they help HBCU’s. We will miss you Jay.


  12. Say it ain’t so…..nooooooo why? This is such a bad thing, this show needs JAB……
    Reach Media you need to give him more money!! He’s worth it……….

  13. Will miss jab murdered hits but lately it just seem like sybil was making the jokes and j. Was just repeating what she said .Just didn’t feel he was all that funny lately even his murdered hits was lagging Chris Paul was more funnier than J. to me .

  14. Now if the rest of the show could leave as well it would be great!✅ Need fresh blood and more seriousness on the air. Whenever they had guest on covering serious topics JAB and Tom always tried to pick out a funny to go in the narrative and it was just hot garbage. However Tom did great things for HBCU’s and hopefully will continue to do so. I’d much rather have Russ Parr’s show in my market.

  15. Too much grown man laughing! Im a funny guy also BUT, dad taught me when to shut it down. They kakkell like women. Very coon like!
    As a race of people, do we really have to be entertained ALL the time? I need more substance llik ALL other races.

  16. Jay Anthony Brown will be truly missed in many ways, but it’s not why everyone should abandon the Tom Joyner Morning Show due to his absence. It’s still the BEST black music station ever, and nothing will ever change for me. I will continue to listen to Tom, Sybil and hopefully Damon with the silly news. In abandoning the TJMS is like leaving your BMW parked on the side of the road just because you ran out of gas. Once you refuel, all is good. As mentioned by a very great man “Change Is Good” (President Obama). Please don’t place all the blame on Tom, Jay could have spoken of his departure doing one of his comedy shows. TJMS silence is probably because they are trying to accept the departure as well. As when Cindy B left, Tom worked hard to find the right replacement, and now we have Sybil. Tom is searching for the right person to add that unique touch to the TJMS, and I’m certain he will – as before. “patience is a virtue”
    Tom does a lot for the young, old, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics and anyone in between in many ways. My count may not matter as ONE, but I will always be loyal to the TJMS show, always and forever.

  17. The Tom Joyner show is a good show with the black news but it wil never be the same with out Jay Anthony brown there is know one who can replace him the funnies made my day he will be missed i don’t think I will be listen to it as much i down load the App just to listen to Jay i wish him the best

  18. J is truly going to be missed. Sorry to see him go. I will continue to listen to TJMS, mainly because Tom does have more information concerning black community that Steve Harvey’s show. That’s just my take. The only comedian that could possibly fill J’s spot would be Earthquake. He’s funny, on top of issues in the world and I think he would be a good fit.

  19. Glad to see him leave!! everything was a joke to him, Please do not return this time the show will be much better without you!!

  20. I never really liked him; saw him at For Sisters Only in Charlotte NC and he was very rude; not friendly at all; I had even purchased some sauces that he was selling; again arrogant.

  21. So no more man dance Friday’s? I love JAB and will surely miss his humor every morning. It was a guarantee that on my way to work in the car I would get at least one good laugh in. I’m going to try and give the other folks a chance, but when you’ve had 20 years of something good, it’s going to be so hard to let it go! Good luck J, I hope the future brings prosperity and happiness for you.

  22. It didn’t seem like 20 years. I think I remember when J. started on the show. He was funnier than Kevin Woodson to me. I enjoyed his murdered hits. I can never listen to certain songs the same way again. I wish him the best. He said he was grateful that Tom had given him a chance to be on the radio–something he had always wanted to do. HE WILL BE MISSED!! Bring back Myra J, or Miss Dupree!!

  23. Jay was funny but he did take it to far at times, I hate to see him go but i’d rather listen to Tom any day than Steve Harvey, the only thing I like about that show are the phone pranks. Good Luck Jay but Tom will survive

  24. The Tom Joyner show in my book will not be the same with JAB. To me he did make the show. Not sure if I will listen again. Will miss Jay, good luck to you.

  25. I always look forward to tjms just to hear J Anthony Brown jokes. If you are in a bad mood he is sure to cheer you up. I will miss you especially your Church announcement. Good look J I will be listening out for you where ever you maybe

  26. Go find J Anthony Brown and do what you have to do to get him back on the show these other people are trying but it is not Tom Joyner Morning show.

  27. I love Jay, he has gotten me through some rough mornings. But i will continue to listen to the show. Tom was one of the first and paved the way for other African American radio personalities. I wish Jay well, however his replacement is going to have to be on point.

  28. First Tavis and now Jay!!, maybe itsTom getting jealous of Jay success, I thought they were good friends!, I’m thinking Sybil is behind this. She never likes Jay making jokes, but he’s funny, and she’s not, I’ll go over to Steve Harvey, I can’t believe this

  29. Wish him J the best sometimes with life you just ha ve to move on. Change hurts, at times. I wish they could have retired radio together as joint partners. Tom and J were a good team in spite of what others may say. Blessings,to both.

  30. After seeing Steve Harvey with Donald trump, really, nothing surprise me. Don’t listen to him anymore. One of Dr kings children standing with this maniac. WTF! !

  31. I already miss Jay. Tom and Sybil if it was a contract matter, please support Jay if negotiations/money were the issues. You all were a team and teams support one another. It won’t be the same without him. Please bring him back!!

  32. I’m glad JAB is gone. He wasn’t funny. I was also tired of his mentioning how much he dates white women. I wish these types of shows expressed more black love. I believe it would be more healthier. I’m actually happier with the rotating line-up that TJM show has. Now if they could just get rid of the dumb and unfunny Sherri Shepherd…..

  33. I refuse 2 listen 2 tom joyner and all that coon talk giggling like 3 little igirls. That show is terrible ignorant. All who dont see it keep snickering and skinnning them teeth..

  34. Ethel I miss Jay Tom I don’t care for all those different funny people. You all was the team I keep listening for Jays voice.Please please Bring Back Jay.

  35. The show is not the same but I Jay Anthony Brown. They need to bring him back I keep waiting to hear his voice. Good luck J show not the same without you that’s the problem today not wanting to help Black America.

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