WOW Look at Chaka Khan: AMAZING Transformation, She admits Getting High with Whitney (vid)


A very close friend told me she went to go see Chaka Khan this week in Atlanta, she said the audience was amazed when Khan came on stage looking as good as she did in the early 70s, if not better. She also stated Khan sounded amazing too and gave a great show.   It appears Khan has finally gotten off drugs claiming 10 years of sobriety and while she is still reeling from the death of her friend Whitney Houston (who she admits in this video she used to get high with) El DeBarge seems to be going in the other direction. After a long embrace with Houston just a night or two before her death, he was arrested for selling drugs on the streets in Encino, CA, a very clean and upscale part of Los Angeles.

Entertainment Fix: Chaka Khan, David Letterman:

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