UPDATE on Man Beating "Teen" on Train


So Much for the Father and Sons in the Black Community Theory

After the great, heartfelt and touching story that I wrote about the lost art of fathers and sons in the black community for the initial video, trying to make a long-awaited and much-needed point, turns out the young dude that got beaten up on the train was actually a 46-year-old man with a Jheri curl.  There goes my Pulitzer Prize for the best editorial piece. There is obviously still room for the boring, entertainment tonight TV news. When you are wrong, correct it.
You can’t deny that he LOOKS like a kid in the video as other sites reported that he was. The older dude beating him was obviously also under the impression it was a young dude too as he stated “I’m sick of you young motha f*c#as” then he said “I’m 54 years old.” while administering the beating. Turns out the 46-year-old was defending two teenaged black boys who had their feet up on the back of the older man’s seat. The older man allegedly yelled at them for being disrespectful, an exchange took place and he allegedly punched one of the kids. That’s when the older Jherri dude jumped in and asked: “Why did you have to hit that boy like that?” At that point all hell broke loose. My mother always told me “NEVER get involved in a situation where someone is in a rage.” (Of course, all that goes out the window if a loved one is the victim) but why would this dude do something so stupid?
To save someone else’s disrespectful ass kids? That was just dumb and here comes the mother of course with her “My baby is innocent, I want him arrested” bull. That man was mad as hell for a reason and I don’t believe those kids were innocent, do you?
The 46-year-old good samaritan got his jaw broken and has to have a plate now. Then he STUPIDLY kept coming back for more as if he had a chance to prove his point. Those of us over 40 do you remember those Rock’em Sock’em Robots? Where they would hit each other until the head popped up? I seriously thought HIS head would detach after a couple of those blows. He took a beatin’ and now he won’t be eatin.’ It’s hard to feel for somebody who puts themselves in harm’s way like that. I could see if the big dude was attacking an old lady or an old man but disrespectful teens? No sir, keep your kids in check and mind your own damn business. See updated vid below
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  1. I didn’t read your heartfelt and touching story about the lost art of fatherhood, but I can tell you from this post that it probably wasn’t heartfelt or touching.
    I definitely don’t agree with your comment near the end there, you say it’s hard to feel sorry for someone who puts themselves in harms way? He was not putting himself in harms way originally as the 54-year old should not have attacked him either. It should have been a simple exchange of words. Instead of hitting the 46-year old he could of simply told him to mind his own business.
    Even after watching the video and thinking the 46-year old was a gang teen it’s still absolutely not OK! If one of them was physically aggressive first then I understand him defending himself, but thinking that one of those kids at what, 17 years old could have been in that good mans place? that’s it for those kids.
    And to wrap it up here, how about that sexism?? If these teens (male) had it coming for being disrespectful, then another set of teens (female) would have it coming just the same for being equally disrespectful? And again, so if the 46-year old woman, that doesn’t qualify her as elderly, and she stood up for those teens (either male or female) she would have gotten the same beating?
    If you wouldn’t do it to your grandparents, don’t do it to other people. And if someone says or does something to you that they shouldn’t have, your first “solution” should not be to beat them up. Because when we’re already having a bad day we see and hear things very differently. I’m not saying don’t defend yourself, but be safe about it. Now that 54-year old is getting charged for what he thought to be OK.
    I obviously have a lot to say but I’m going to end this comment right here.

  2. If it was ur kid getting harassed, I bet u would be appreciative of someone trying to intervene, whether they were disrespectful, or not.
    He had no right slapping the teens. They didn’t attack, did they? Go ahead & praise the 54yr old aggressor

  3. Sounds like the 46-year-old kept mouthing off during the video, so we don’t even know what he did before the video started. I think he got what he deserved—-maybe a little bit more. Too bad he wasn’t able to pop one of the disrespectful teens too. You can say all you want that everyone can “just talk things out”, but that doesn’t work with bad kids. And of course they’re all pressing charges now – no one takes personal responsibility for running your mouth these days. Victims everywhere

    • Even if everybody else took responsibility you still can’t do that. The common sense you seem to lack is frightening.

  4. He need go to jail he now right and wrong he knows what he was doing he is 54 year old put the hand on some miners how is under the 18 years old


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