Steve Harvey Said Kelis Made a Bad Business Decision Concerning Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” Album (VIDEO)


    Steve Harvey said Kelis made a bad business decision concerning Beyoncé’sRenaissance” album. Since the release of her album, it has been filled with a lot of drama, said Strawberry. Singer Kelis said Beyoncé and music producer Pharrell disrespected her by using a sample of the song “Milkshake” without her permission.

    It seems as if Kelis and Pharrell have had an ongoing beef.

    Beyoncé has removed the interpolation of “Milkshake” on the track “Energy,” said Strawberry. The change marks the second revision of “Renaissance.” A slur used to demean people with cerebral palsy was removed from the track “Heated.”

    Monica Lewinsky asked Beyoncé to remove a lyric referencing her relationship with Bill Clinton. She tweeted a link to an article that reported on the controversy and added the caption “well while we’re at it, Partition” in reference to Beyoncé’s 2013 song.

    Steve Harvey said the Monica Lewinsky comment would not be taken out. He said he does not understand the controversy about the lyrics. The morning show host said Kelis’ issue with Pharrell was a big deal on social media. Harvey says Kelis is probably a wonderful girl, but sometimes people do not make the best decisions. A phone call could have turned into a business decision. Perhaps she could have gotten paid from the song.


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