The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Says Brittney Griner’s Family Probably “Lost It” After Learning the Basketball Star’s Fate (VIDEO)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show said Brittney Griner’s family probably “lost it” after learning her fate. A judge in Russia found the WNBA star guilty of drug charges, says Da Brat. She was sentenced to nine years in jail after being illegally caught with a weed pen. Hip-hop artists reacted to the news.

    Boosie posted a video saying: “How the hell did this girl get nine years for a weed pen, and the USA ain’t doing nothing about it, you tell me that. If that were Taylor swift, there’d be a peace treaty right now; they’d be drafting to go to war. For a weed pen, nine years’ what that shows for black women in the United States and the vice president is a Black woman you supposed to be on the front line to get that black woman out of jail.”

    Other celebrities chimed in to support Griner, said Da Brat. She agreed that nine years is a long time and said Griner would probably serve most of her sentence.

    The radio host said the government is doing something, but the wheels of justice may not turn that fast when dealing with international politics. And the country is hostile and an enemy of the United States. There is tension between the United States and Russia, which has a lot to do with the long sentence the basketball star received. Russia understands how bad the United States want Griner back, and they have leverage right now, the host added.

    Da Brat said it is essential to keep Griner and her family in prayers because she is sure the family “lost it” when they heard the news.


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