Universal Music Publishing Group Signs Global Publishing Deal With INXS


820839-michael-hutchence-and-inxsUniversal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) has signed a global publishing agreement with INXS members Andrew Farriss (keyboards and guitar), Jon Farriss (drums), Kirk Pengilly (guitar, saxophone), Tim Farriss (guitar) and Garry Gary Beers (bass) for the core INXS catalog of music, as announced today by Zach Horowitz, Chairman and CEO, Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG). Although UMPG has previously published the band’s early material through a prior arrangement, the new agreement brings essentially all of INXS’s music to UMPG. The company also publishes the rights of the group’s late lead singer Michael Hutchence for songs written on the band’s first four albums.After forming in the late 1970s, INXS became one of the most popular and successful rock groups in the world, releasing a string of critically and commercially successful albums and singles on their way to selling over 30 million records, including No. 1 hits in four continents, six UK Top 10 albums, and five US Top 20 albums.”INXS is simply one of the greatest rock bands of all time, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring their core catalog and all of their hits to UMPG worldwide,” said Zach Horowitz, Chairman and CEO, UMPG. “We’re particularly excited to work with the group and their visionary creative consultant, Chris Murphy, in finding new and innovative ways to take their music to the next level–including the upcoming TV mini-series about their career, movies, and theatrical plays. We’re looking forward to connecting new generations of fans with the band’s timeless music.””INXS has become a music brand that breaks media and entertainment barriers on all fronts,” said Chris M Murphy, INXS Creative Director and Global Strategist. “Zach Horowitz ‘got it’ from my very first meeting with him, and his passion for INXS’ music was undeniable. We’re over the moon that we’ll be working with him and the outstanding UMPG team to write the next chapter in the band’s illustrious history. The new TV mini-series about the band’s untold story, which will debut in the first quarter of 2014, is just the beginning. Films, the ‘ultimate’ documentary, and a musical are all on the way.””INXS are thrilled to be under one roof with such a dynamic team as Universal, the world and INXS’ songs and music just got closer and much bigger all at the same time,” said Andrew Farriss (keyboards and guitar).


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